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Customer Service (Online Grocery)
Halifax, NS, Canada
Got a Strong Heart & Soft Skills for Tough Customers? Do you have the endless positive energy to do what it takes to support the complaint line for one of New York’s coolest grocery companies? This job is for folks who are both strong-hearted and naturally helpful. We’ll be frank...

Entry Level Tech Support (Apps and Products)
Halifax, NS, Canada
You’re a natural with technology; you’re confident in your computer aptitude and enthusiastic about IT gadgets. Within your group of friends, you’re the one who’s always discovering cool apps and tech products -knowing how they work inside and out. You love to problem solve and work through the kinks;...

Customer Service (Emergency Roadside Assistance)
Halifax, NS, Canada
Do you have a keen sense of direction and an ability to offer support in times of crisis? We need people like you who can focus on the details in high stress situations, who can make decisions quickly, and who can remain calm even in a crisis. We need people...

Bilingual Customer Service (Help Desk)
Halifax, NS, Canada
You’ve probably got five apps open right now and are merrily juggling a game, a Facebook chat, and checking the bus schedule all at the same time.We’re looking for extremely organized, capable people who enjoy routine, yet are able to switch gears at a moment’s notice. You’re focused and...

Work From Home: Customer Service (Online Grocery)
Halifax, NS, Canada
Self-Reliant Customer Service Pros for Work at Home Our team that takes care of tough customers from NYC is looking for a few extraordinary candidates to work from home. Do you have what it takes? You need to be an experienced customer service pro. You need to have above average...